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Summer Has Arrived!


Summer has arrived! Take time to slow down and relax, go on vacations, entertain family and friends. Sit back and watch the birds, butterflies, enjoy the flowers and vegetables…

When you are in the garden you should inspect your plants. Are they wilting or getting yellow leaves you will want to check the soil moisture. If soil is dry be sure to give them a deep watering, such as setting up a sprinkler and allowing it to run for half an hour or longer if you have a larger area. If they are in pots or hanging baskets water until water comes out the bottom and then re-water in about 5 minutes to be sure that the soil has absorbed the water. Don’t forget to fertilize the pots weekly.

Also check for discolored leaves or leaves with holes and/or spots, any others signs of insects such as cocoons, eggs, and caterpillars. Japanese beetles are showing up now in early July, with some areas showing a large population.

If you see any of the above or other symptoms, bring in a sample, cut off a piece of the plant about 2-3” or a number of good and bad leaves. We should be able to advise you on how to handle the problem. Remember it’s best to catch the problem early.

Should you find the need to replace or add some color in your landscape beds or containers stop in and pick up some summer and fall flowering plants.

Vegetable gardens are now producing all of those wonderful summer veggies. If you have too much produce and would like to help people here in Bucks County, we collect for Share the Harvest on Fridays and on Saturday morning. All donations go to a food bank on Saturday for distribution on Sunday. We will be collection until the last Saturday in September

Don’t forget that you can redeem your Carousel Cash now until the end of October!

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